What is Chey Chic?

What is the Chey Chic design style & how do you get it for your home? 

Beachy Shelf Makeover

Watch my DIY craft project video on the left where I take a $1 shelf from the Goodwill and give it a beachy weathered look makeover.

DIY Party Hack

Check-out my chic party hack video on the right for using disposable utensils at your upcoming housewarming, birthday party or any party you might host at your home.

Home Accessories

I'm shopping for home accessories at one of my favorite home decor stores...can you guess which one? AND check out my video for a super quick design tip for shopping for home accessories.

Kids Birthday Party

Looking for Chic ideas for your kids birthday party that won't break the bank? Watch my latest video where I show you what I did for my twins 1st birthday!