Who is Chey Loraine?

Chey Loraine is an American artist born in California, raised in Pacific Northwest and transplanted to Arizona. Living in the desert leaves her longing for the ocean beaches she grew up with which is reflected in her art. Her muse can be described as dreamy blue waters of the Pacific Ocean.

Chey’s original works of art range from small to large acrylic on canvas. Her pieces are typically rich in texture as she believes every bump and crevice tells a story. She’s an abstract artist who also enjoys transforming her abstract art into inspirational prints. Although abstracts are her primary focus, she will always consider florals her first love, as it was florals that inspired her to first begin creating art.

For nearly three decades Chey Loraine has had a successful career as a marketing director and designer for some of America’s most well know companies. It was in 2013 that she sold her first abstract painting. Her art career quickly took off. However, she shifted her focus in 2016 to giving birth to twin boys. Although she has since continued to create and sell her art over the past few years she will always consider her twin boys (soon to be 4 years old) her greatest accomplishment.


Message from Chey:

 "I enjoy immersing myself in all areas of design. Not only do I keep up with the latest design trends, but I also pride myself on being  a trend setter. This has earned me the title of "Queen of Chic" from my friends, family and colleges. I have always believed that you don't have a lot of money to have chic designs. If you are creative and know how to shop, you can create a high-end look without the high-end price tag. This is the philosophy I have always designed by. I have never had a client who said "money is no object!" Budgets are an important part of the process as it help us define our choices. Everyone can make their home a work of art, no matter the budget." -Chey Loraine

Chey Chic Design

To get the Chey Chic design style, simply combine an eclectic mix of your own existing treasures, purchase neutral staple pieces and top off with a few special high-ticket items (that you can't live without) to make a design that is not only chic but also uniquely you.

Purchase art pieces from Chey Chic to incorporate into your own chic style - and make your home a work of art. Keep reading below for more design tips on how to get the Chey Chic Style.

Chey Chic Home Design Tips 

for any Budget! Use the 3 R's!


Repurpose treasures you already have, items you buy second hand or even better…pieces that you get for free! You can reinvent them to work with your new design. In many cases this is going to involve updating, recovering and/or refinishing to repurpose your item. Shopping at second hand stores helps when looking for items to repurpose. Also, put accessories and furniture pieces you aren't using in storage instead of tossing them out. You never know when you will be able to repurpose them.



Shopping resale is like treasure hunting! Nothing is better than finding a treasure for practically nothing that can be improved and used in your design. Shopping resale will require patience and the ability to see what something “could be” with a little TLC. Good places to shop for resale include: local second hand stores, garage sales and online options like Facebook Market Place, Swip-Swap etc…


When shopping resale, make it your business to know who has the best price. This can be time consuming but who wants to overypay? Cost effective options for shopping retail include Home Goods, Ross, TJ Maxx and Amazon (of course!) Now, just because you shop price - doesn’t mean you have to cheap out on everything!

Because you save money on most things, you can afford to blow the budget on a few special items that you "can’t live without."  That might be a high-quality couch or investing in a piece of original art!

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